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Leading the way.

Custom industrial heating solutions for manufacturers
At Novy International, we strive to lead in the conceptualization, engineering and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced heating elements and systems for industrial furnaces and heating processes throughout various applications and temperatures. We translate these revolutionary technologies into value for our clients through our professional and technical solutions, services and products worldwide.

Helping companies large and small.
With a product line conducive to customization, we are pleased to assist our clients regardless of their size or situation. From small companies to global giants, our team of experts will:

  • identify your heating requirements.
  • formulate and present our recommendations.
  • design and manufacture the right product at the right price, and
  • see the project through implementation and evaluation.
  • Why Novy?
    Simply put, we have the experience, technical knowledge and skill to get the job done.   Contact us today to discuss your current or next project.