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Quality at the Core.

Novy International offers core industry products that have withstood the tests of time and quality control. Reliable and efficient, these heating system technologies combine superior heat resistant materials with fiber insulation to produce remarkable precision and control. Manufactured on our premises, these products are designed to your specifications and are built using the highest quality materials available.

These core products include:

Power Block Power Block
  Novy International delivers rugged, APM elements in easy mounting insulation modules. The module mounting design speeds installation while protecting mounting hardware. PowerBlock is the modular 1400 C design that doesn't compromise performance and reliability.
G-Block G-Block
  The G-Block concept, which was originated and developed by George Novy, guarantees state-of-the-art power output match for line voltage. The G-Block is designed for easy installation on all furnace surfaces, along with easy replacement of individual elements. The uniqueness of it's customized manufacturing has made the G-Block a worldwide success.
Heated Fiber Block Heated Fiber Block
  Heated Fiber Block combines vacuum formed, ceramic fiber insulation with embedded electrical heating elements to create pre-engineered heating modules. A wide selection of standard modules makes furnace design faster and easier. Modules can be individually controlled and quickly replaced when necessary.
Bundlerod Bundlerod
  Bundlerod elements use APM material inside an APM tube to deliver higher temperatures and greater power densities than NiCr. We can also supply NiCr bundlerod elements.
Metallic Element Metallic Element
  Ready-made metallic elements are manufactured in Novy International's workshops by the most experienced personnel in the industry. Many standard configurations and sizes are available. In addition, custom shapes and sizes for innovative solutions are readily available.  
Molybdenum Disilicide Molybdenum Disilicide
  Molybdenum disilicide elements have a proven track record of handling extreme power levels without the increased failure rate of other elements. Element temperatures range up to 1900 C and stand up to many tough atmospheres that typically destroy other elements.
 Superthal  Superthal
Superthal provides ready-to-install heating modules using molybdenum disilicide elements integrated in high temperature fiber insulation for a maximum furnace temperature of 1600 C. Complete assemblies streamline installation while delivering performance and reliability. This product can be supplied complete with power supplies. 

When customization is the answer.

Unique problems require innovative solutions. In addition to providing core heating elements and systems, Novy International successfully meets the ever-changing technical challenges posed by our clients through our revolutionary innovations, patented designs, customization and meticulously engineered solutions. We are proud to offer these one-of-a-kind solutions that solve complex equipment, process and temperature problems.

To be sure, it is these unique and highly customized solutions that Novy International has built its solid reputation and strong business relationships on for more than a decade.

Does your company have a unique heating requirement, product or situation that requires customization expertise and innovation? You've come to the right place. We can help. Please, contact us today.