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A reputation built on ingenuity, integrity and quality craftsmanship.

Novy International has a proud heritage of forging and maintaining strong business relationships. Through hard work and determination, we successfully instill trust, build confidence and deliver on our promises to our clients.

It is this hard earned reputation of offering personalized service, advanced technologies and efficient, customized heating solutions that has positioned Novy International as the preferred source for smaller firms as well as major corporations with subsidiaries around the world.

Your preferred solution source:

With outstanding customer service and products of the highest quality, itís no wonder why corporations of all sizes, throughout all industries and applications are choosing Novy International to be their single supply source for technical heating solutions. Simply put, our commitment to quality is second to none. To find out more about what Novy International can offer you, or one of your subsidiaries, please contact us today.

Looking to the future:

Novy International seeks and welcomes the formulation of strategic business relationships. We understand that as we look to expand into new markets, building strategic relationships and becoming a preferred supply source is critical to our future growth and expansion. In so doing, we can ensure the continuation of our history of engineering excellence and long-standing tradition of innovation.

If you, or any one of your subsidiaries would like to learn more about Novy International's customized manufacturing heating solutions, please contact us today.