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Persistence and creativity: a winning combination.

Novy International is proud to provide our clients the very best service our industry has to offer: personal customer-service, meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering determination to help our clients meet their production goals and objectives.

Undaunted by the complexities or critical nature of a presenting problem, Novy offers each of our clients innovative and cost effective solutions. These solutions are often a direct result of our proprietary, unique and highly customized materials, processes or procedures.

Novy International’s list of services include the following areas of expertise:

As president and chief engineer of Novy International, George Novy meets personally with the executive design team to review and analyze the challenge and specifications of the project.

If necessary, all aspects of the application requirements are thoroughly researched and tested before any recommendations are made.

After careful consideration of our options, we submit our recommendations and review the benefits of using the recommended materials and processes with those involved in the project.

When standard solutions are not indicated, customized designs / specifications are put to paper and submitted for approval.

Development / Engineering
As we move through the development of the prototype, we use our vast engineering experience to trouble shoot potential problems and create a design that is both practical and cost effective.

Hand crafted by our engineers here at our Connecticut plant, your customized heating element or system will be painstakingly shaped and molded to fit your every specification.

Quality control
Every system and element we produce goes through our rigid quality control. You can be sure that you will receive the finest products available on the market today, ready for installation upon arrival.